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Whipdd Flavoured Butter

Our butter is made with only finest ingredients, perfect for spreading on toast or adding to your favourite recipes.

Spread the love
with our butters

Our ingredients are always fresh and top quality, guaranteeing that every dish you make is packed with flavour and nutrition.

Grade 1 Canadian

Butter, elevated

No added preservatives ensures that you can enjoy delicious ad healthy meals without any harmful chemicals or additives.

Pure butter,
no preservatives

Our Butter Story

Once upon a time, in the heart of my humble kitchen, a delightful journey began. It all started with a simple tradition of serving pasta with homemade garlic bread. Friends and family couldn't resist asking for the recipe, and I found myself whipping up batches of garlic butter with love.

One fine day, as I stood there with my mixing bowl and spoon, a lightbulb moment struck. What if I could share this delectable creation with the world? Inspired by their requests, I embarked on a quest to craft a larger quantity of this savoury goodness, envisioning a commercial venture that would spread the joy of garlic butter far and wide.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, I couldn't stop at garlic alone. My passion for flavours led me to explore new horizons, and that's when the magic truly happened. With a dash of creativity, I discovered a mesmerizing blend of strawberries and butter, capturing the essence of those
beloved fruits that graced our table for only a fleeting season back home.

And so, Whipdd was born!

So join us on this whimsical journey, where butter meets imagination and ordinary moments become extraordinary. Whipdd is here to spread happiness, one scrumptious bite at a time.

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